We’re a bunch of passionate bar guys, who got fed up while waiting to get a drink at the bar. So we took it upon us to find out why!

Turns out that it wasn’t just the bartender, it was also the bar!! And SpeedX was born!

We at SpeedX, design & build bars that serve your drink faster and beer colder. And just like that we ended up building over 800 bars (and counting!) across the country! Chances are, your next door bar is a SpeedX bar.

When the world closed down in 2020, we decided to bring the bar home and our COVID baby, ModelX was born.

Then came the year 2023. A new year and a brand new identity for our home bars- We are now called – Haus Of Bars by Speedx. Functional, aesthetic bars for your homes!

All home bar models by Haus Of Bars are built keeping in mind the Indian home setting. These bar cabinets ensure that once fully setup, you don’t have to run to the kitchen to refill a drink. It’s all in there – bar fridge, bottle displays, ice storage, fully functioning cocktail station, bottle opener and even towel holders!

Our home bars are a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. These bars are a great add on to your lovely homes. Whether to entertain you on an easy evening or to cater to your guests at home, bars and bar essentials from the Haus of bars by SpeedX truly entertain you! And hey, they are quite good looking!



“Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use bars to inspire the world.”



“Build the best bars, and leave the rest to your stars!”

Our Story

  • 1st to introduce Bars for homes that have everything you need to make a drink without going to the kitchen
  • 1st to offer Super Functional Bars in multiple finishes, textures keeping in mind Indian homes.
  • 1st to launch a Bar with a sink that Doesn’t Need a Plumbing Connection & Thus Enabling You To Park Them Anywhere.
  • 1st to launch Bars with a dedicated coffee concept. 
  • 1st to launch Bars with battery packs, that make them truly mobile after being charged.

We pride ourselves on promising the finest quality for our home bars. We meticulously source raw materials from leading vendors, ensuring that only the best ingredients are used in crafting our exceptional bar experiences. Elevate your at-home cocktails with our commitment to excellence and unparalleled quality.

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